Heitkamp in the lead in Pharos poll

A Pharos Research Group poll reports Heitkamp 49%, Berg 48%.  That’s 3% undecided, margins +/- 3.4%.  So… a dead heat, which is a much different story than the (manufactured?) polling coming out of the conservative media outlets, which unsurprisingly show Berg with a lead.

(via The Hill)

George McGovern on deathbed

40 years ago, another presidential race was the only one to feature a Dakotan — a South Dakotan, who may have been on the wrong side of the border, but was on the right side of the issues.

The war hero, statesman, ambassador, and philanthopist George McGovern is 90 years old now, but not doing well any more (Argus Leader) (BBC).  I hope that Dakotans recognize his achievements, and remember the need to strive for a fairer society.