Alex Pareene calls for the destruction of the state of North Dakota

Alex Pareene of Salon says North Dakota shouldn’t be a state, and we should abolish the US Senate.  Whether North Dakota and South Dakota could be chimerically spliced back together, may make for a diverting thought experiment, but that’s hardly the point.

I rather think that the federal Congress needs serious reform, and the rules of the Senate and its equal apportionment are relics of a bygone aristocratic era.  So too is the lack of proportional representation of the political parties Americans voted for, and the absence of citizen initiative and recall powers at the federal level.

Media non-frenzy

I wasn’t at the “independent media” event in Jamestown on March 23rd.  I was rather interested in some of the ideas I was hearing about, but didn’t have the time or the camera gear to cover something like that.   Apparently, neither did the attendees, because in 2013 a media event is typically webstreamed or livetweeted and nobody did that.

From what little I hear, the event itself didn’t go very well.  Since it’s happened, the only thing anyone has mustered to publish about it, aside from a few Facebook photos, is that they’re sorry Rob Port showed up.

Here’s a tip for next time:  The word “independent” means anything the listener wants it to mean.  It’s not a substitute for “progressive,” if the goal was, as it seemed by all appearances, to build a voice for non-conservative viewpoints in North Dakota.  And it’s also no substitute for actually describing the challenge of getting smart, motivated journalists to ask tough questions across our state, when the only people offering paying news jobs never want to rock the boat.