Brace for waves of healthcare FUD

Healthcare exchanges across the United States open for business on October 1, less than five weeks from now.

There’s already a concerted effort to embarrass MNsure, the Minnesota exchange, for various contrived and insubstantial reasons. So far nobody has raised too big of a fuss over North Dakota’s federal health exchange at, but I’m not holding my breath.

Between the exchanges and the Medicaid expansion, big changes are coming to healthcare. The FAQ and the MNsure guide each have useful information to address your situation, if you earn enough to afford Health Insurance.

However, neither North Dakota nor Minnesota have updated their Medicaid sites to reflect the changes due in 2014.  It’s clearly something that needs to be addressed.

One thing I won’t hold against Senator Miller

You have to hand it to North Dakota’s lawmakers.  Beat your wife, stay in office.  Drive drunk, stay in office.  These aren’t victimless crimes like, say, cannabis possession.  But I guess THAT is what makes for a real scandal, eh?

Senator Miller still has yet to do the honourable thing and resign for driving drunk, something he really should have done the first time around.  Sure, it’s a personal loss, but it’s not like his party won’t get to choose his replacement.

It doesn’t matter how quiet the road was, how late at night it was.  We have DUI laws not to infringe on one’s freedom to get blitzed, but to mitigate the risks to others that come when heavy machinery gets involved.  Someone could have died.