Backroom politicking handpicks likely new MP for Brandon

A pending byelection for one of Manitoba’s seats in the House of Commons has statecrafters who care about the process in a tizzy. In particular, Green Party leader Elizabeth May is speaking about it today and tomorrow on a trip through Manitoba.

For the uninitiated, Canada’s compressed elections schedule and arbitrary selection of election dates means that the primary process where candidates are chosen by each party is filled instead by a voting session of the local party in the electoral district.

Historically placing this power in the hands of the party, rather than an impartial body, enables the art of the insiders conspiring against the public in smoky rooms. Two potential challengers to the Conservative Party’s ‘acclaimed’ candidate, Larry Maguire, were disqualified over paperwork issues

Maguire’s nomination ruffled so many feathers, the fallout has spilled into tomorrow’s Liberal Party nomination contest, where one jilted Conservative is intent on entering the race, as a challenger to an ex-Progressive Conservative who only days ago was all but unopposed.  I’ll refer you to the Pundit’s Guide for the whole story.

Either of the Liberals should make for an interesting contest.  But it’s still an open question if any opposition candidate can actually beat the Conservatives in Brandon-Souris.

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