Tim Horton’s opens to crowds in Grand Forks

Grand Forks got a little more Canadian today, with Tim Horton’s opening up on 42nd Street directly across from the Canad Inns.  Now Forxites can buy coffee and donuts 24 hours a day without having to drive up to Winkler!

I stopped by for a quick double-double and a cruller earlier, and captured the oeuvre of opening day:  A long line-up, but a positive mood in the crowd!  Minor glitches cropped up under the heavy demand.  Canadian bankcards, which rely on the chip-and-PIN Interac Direct Payment system, aren’t yet being accepted properly.

Given everything that’s happening in the food industry across the United States, it’s worth noting where your Timmy’s staff is on the totem pole.  Although the prices for coffee and donuts are almost identical to the prices in Winnipeg, the wages Timmy’s pays its American workers aren’t.  Though every bit as friendly and hardworking as their counterparts across Manitoba, they earn 24% less.

timmys_pays_americans_lessIn Manitoba, the minimum wage is $10.45 hourly (about $10.57 US).  Job Service North Dakota reports [pictured] that only the top end of night-shift workers are getting that much in Grand Forks, and that most are just over $8.00 ($7.90 CAN).

This doesn’t even get into the question of health benefits, which are guaranteed in Manitoba but uncertain in the USA.

Canadian exchange rate methodology: 15 month average mid-market rate of $1.011996 July 2012-Sep 2013, data from oanda.com

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