TEDx Grand Forks chooses last two speakers

a j5mc report

Two more speakers were chosen to fill the bill at TEDx Grand Forks, following a vote of the audience at a pre-event spectacle at the Fire Hall Theatre in Grand Forks.  Barry Steigel will have a Cattle-inspired talk about life and entrepreneurship, and Tamara Galen will talk about challenging society’s views about what it means to be a successful woman.

Though billed as “Open Mic” night, the blizzard conditions up and down the Red River Valley kept two scheduled speakers away — and the event organizers provided neither a microphone, nor opened the opportunity to the near-100 attendees to stand up and make an extra pitch or two.  Still, the crowd seemed pleased by the event.

TEDx Grand Forks kicked off its ticket sales immediately after the event, with the line-up stretching the full length of the small venue.  The main event for TEDx Grand Forks will happen at the Empire Arts Centre on Friday, February 7, at 1pm.  Tickets are $100 for the general public, and $20 for students, while still available.

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