North Dakota limps ahead as ACA deadline approaches

mnsuregtFactoring in Medicaid coverage, North Dakota’s tepid participation in health care reform has managed to cover 7000 people, placing it just ahead of South Dakota and Wyoming, which refused essential coverage to the least fortunate.

North Dakota still has a major donut hole in affordability, however — there is a gap of over $2800 (even more, for older people) between the highest income for Medicaid coverage and the point where the cheapest plan on the market is affordable.

If worked as advertised, and the federal subsidy factored in, it’d hardly be an issue.  But there are still applications — including mine — that just haven’t gone through.

With March 31 being the key deadline to sign up, I’m faced with a situation where I’m seriously considering calling an insurer directly to get the insurance I’m required to have.  But if I do that, I’ll have to forfeit the subsidy I would get on the exchange.  Apparently, if you don’t do it on the exchange, you can’t even get your subsidy as a credit on next year’s taxes.