Wynne’s Liberals quiet push to majority

Kathleen Wynne will remain premier of Ontario; the Liberal Party cashed out well north of polling predictions — holding 59 of 107 seats will be good enough for the Liberal Party to fly solo for the next few years.  308 had predicted a Liberal minority government, but the reality had the Liberals picking up 10 seats, almost entirely out of the hands of the Tories.

When polls are thrown for that big of a loop, it can indicate a scenario where voters have shaken confidence in the government — suppressing poll numbers — but are yet more skeptical of the opposition.  For his part, PC leader Tim Hudak accepted responsibility for a promising but failed campaign.

Nearby Kenora-Rainy River re-elected the NDP’s Sarah Campbell as MPP; the NDP neither gained nor lost seats, but have lost the balance of power in Canada’s largest province.

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