The Official Party of Empty Lots

There’s nothing that says “I have lots of money and no good ideas” quite like a plot of empty land.  No housing, no farming, not so much as a sidewalk or park bench adorns this lonely stretch of 42nd Street near the Alerus Centre.

There are three signs on this land.  One says it’s for sale.

In the next sign, the petty fief behind this ostentatious display would have us know that they feel they should have an immutable right to tax-free real estate transactions, the bogus logic of Measure 2.

Finally, we’re treated to a sign advertising a party slate of legislative candidates.  Which, when standing in an empty field, can only be read as: backers of nothing, backed by nothing.

Then there’s this other lot, located way outside of District 43, mind you, that’s right where a downtown office tower ought to sit.  After being an eyesore for years, it has been improved to “unkempt hedge” status…

private-park-not-43This is land that could be productive, and all it’s being used for is display.  What a waste!

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