Baesler, Rauschenberger, Weller, et al.

We’ve gotten TMI about Kirsten Baesler and her on again, off again fiancĂ©, and what we’ve learned is that a violent or just short of violent confrontation isn’t criminal, especially if you were drinking at the time, and when our curiosity is sated with the fallacious notion that each person gave as good as they got, rather than the higher standard of two wrongs not forming a right, or the still higher, forgotten standard that public officers must behave above reproach.

What we have here is another Rauschenbergeresque case of papering over alcoholism, mixed with another Welleresque case of papering over domestic abuse. I’m sure all the parties involved feel some degree of shame, but at the end of the day you have criminals sitting in office, oddly adamant that whatever they did doesn’t undermine the public trust.

It is up to voters to hold such officials to account, and it is up to the Democratic-Nonpartisan League to be vocal in reminding voters about these tragic farces.

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