The Last Day

The last day of the legislature was not today, it wasn’t even halfway through.  It was the 26th of January, the last unrestricted day to introduce new bills.

I had the fortune to visit Bismarck that day and post a quick scoop.  That was not the only positive thing to say about the 2015 session, but it is among a select few.

As a result of this past election cycle and its inevitable result bourne out by the session, my trust in Bismarck has reached a new nadir.

I’m a little young to go all Jim Fuglie on you, but here goes:

Once, oh, about 2006 or so, the UND University Democrats had a meeting.  Gathered around the U-shaped table and Congressman Earl Pomeroy [who always had a place in his stomach for Italian Moon] were a number of my friends and fellow students.  As we went around the room introducing ourselves, we stated our majors.  One after another, “engineer,” “engineer,” “engineer,” “engineer.”

Earl was shocked — he had never seen so many engineers coming out as Democrats.

Engineers love to fix broken things.  We love being part of the solution.  And the Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008 gave me a lot of hope.  And also, it seems, a lot of expectations, which in hindsight seem ready-made to be dashed.

It is my eager hope that a Dem-NPLer can forge ahead and win a statewide race on an honest campaign with a clear policy platform, and make the centennial year of the NPL a proud one.  I hope I can write at least one or two stories about that wonderful person.

But I don’t think I can stay in North Dakota, and count on the Internet to magically bestow upon me a coworking version of the job I need.  I will have to go where the jobs are.

So on June 1, for a little more focus on what I ought to be up to most of the time, j5mc design, my occasional home of engineering, gizmos, and science, will be moving to the prime slot of  And this site – North Dakota and Manitoba’s part-time MSNBC by text, C-SPAN by video, will be moving to

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