Which Heitkamp?

Jack Dalrymple is out, and suddenly everyone is falling in to run for Governor.

I’ll say personally that my dream candidate is Aneta farmer and former State Representative Ben Vig.  He’d be the next Governor Guy in a lot of ways.  There’s Jasper Schneider and a lot of good Leaguers who could put up a heck of a fight.  But of course, all eyes are on Heidi Heitkamp.

Heidi’s advantage is that she can run for Governor without losing her seat in the Senate.  The complication is that if she wins, we immediately get a special election Senate campaign.  So to even make this option feasible and responsible, Heidi needs to fundraise for two campaigns back-to-back.  And then who’s running for the Senate seat?

But Heidi doesn’t have to run herself to get a great candidate with charisma, good name recognition, and mass appeal.  Her brother Joel Heitkamp has been in the Legislature and runs a popular radio show that airs statewide.

Joel isn’t home free, of course; he’s going to lose that microphone in a hurry if he gets in the race, but it’s not the same as losing a Senate seat, and it’s highly likely that KFGO would put leftish Mike McFeely in the morning to keep listeners’ blood boiling.  I’ll call it a win-win.

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