RFO in cards for Aboriginal Affairs

As Justin Trudeau is set to divide the spoils around the 4th of November, Robert-Falcon Ouellette is being touted as a possibility for Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.  Trudeau is rumoured to be considering one of several native MPs for the role.  Ouellette is a rising star in the Liberal Party, having recently upset the NDP’s Pat Martin in Winnipeg Centre. RFO finished third in the race for mayor of Winnipeg last year, despite winning the j5mc endorsement.

The Green Party’s Elizabeth May likely will not appear in Cabinet as Environment Minister, though along with the provincial premiers, she has a guaranteed position with the Canadian delegation to the upcoming Paris Summit. The Green Party showing in the polls was down significantly, to 3.7% from its usual levels of 8 or more.

Also, Candice Bergen is running for interim leader of the Conservative Party. Bergen, who represents the Portage-Lisgar riding, was a junior cabinet member in Harper’s cabinet and a major force behind the end of national rifle registration. Bergen will face off against three others seeking to lead the party caucus. The scale of the race is already unusual, as interim leaders are often acclaimed.  Will the winner will end up staying on as permanent Leader of the Opposition?

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