Decency prevails

It’s official: the Dakota Access Pipeline is not going under that stretch north of Cannon Ball.  I welcome this news if it leads to Bismarck putting its drinking gourd where its mouth is, and peace can return to the Missouri.

But a certain metastability still exists with this solution.  There may be a lot of people who want to use money, power, and influence to ram the original route through on January 21st.

But to do that, you’d have to get really ugly.  As ugly as the breaking of the Winnipeg General Strike.  Perhaps even as ugly as Wounded Knee.  Is that North Dakota?

I had the personal luxury of hearing North Dakota Republicans muse about joining reprisal gangs before chomping down on Thanksgiving dinner. ‘Just deputize me, I’ll show them…’  Well, if that’s what’s considered civil family conversation, I’m ashamed to say that maybe it is North Dakota.

So maybe this time, it’s actually right to let the out-of-staters decide this one.


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